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Dreams – if you can dream it, you can have it….

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

Remember dreaming as a child?  Nothing was out of the question as to what you could have or do or be….an astronaut, the US President, an actress, Miss America, Superman,  etc.  Our adult friends thought it was so cute to think that you actually believed you could achieve your dreams.  For the most part, those adults  had settled for the reality of life, and were on the path of believing that those dreams were some kind of fairy tale that would never happen for them.  They knew that when you grew up, you would realize that fact as well.
So why did you start believing the way those adults did when you got older?   And why did those adults believe the way they did??? because their adult friends believed that way.
Do you know what a belief is????  A thought you keep thinking over and over and over.
So what if you changed your thoughts?  What if you started thinking that you could do, have and be whatever you wanted in life, no matter what your current situation?  Life could be grand, if only…..
What if???   I challenge you to start changing a few of your limiting thoughts and beliefs and just trust that maybe, just maybe, you could have more of the good things in life.    And when your life started changing in a positive way, people would look at you and say “why does everything good happen to her?”  And they would start doing what you are doing, and they would have a more positive life, and then people would look at them and say “why does everything good happen to him?”  And on and on  and on… you know that you could be the catalyst to change the world?   Start dreaming again and then believe and then you will see that it is not that you have to see it to believe it, but you have to believe it before you see it!   Dream, baby, Dream!!!!