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What is a Vision Board?

The old-fashioned Vision Board was a large poster board with glued pictures and words of your personal dreams and goals. These pictures were cut from catalogs and magazines, glued onto the poster board, and this bulky "piece of art" was prominently displayed in your home as a visual aid to help you achieve your dreams. Once your photos were glued on, it became difficult to change the poster board as your dreams changed. The new-fashioned Vision Board is a fun, first-time ever, cutting edge way to replace the poster board with an automated site to create a picture of your dream future on-line.

What is the "Catalog of Dreams"?

A clever, automated, on-line catalog that allows you to shop for pictures and words representing your dreams in all areas of your life. A selection of pictures is available in the catalog, as well as links for you to go to "shop" with unlimited choices. Simply save and upload the pictures you want into the My Photos section of the catalog. You will have the ability to take your own pictures or scan pictures from magazines and upload those as well. You will be able to click pictures from the catalog to the blank Vision Board and place it, size it, change it, add goal dates to it, delete it, and print it.

Imagine having your vision board personalized by printing it on your mouse pad, coffee cup or t-shirt! You can do that through this site!

Imagine ordering motivational books that will help guide you toward your goals. You can do that through this site!

Imagine having your children create their Vision Boards with their dreams and goals. By partnering with them, helping them set their goal dates, and working towards achieving their dreams and goals, you are teaching them how to create the life they deserve. A life filled with abundance.

Imagine having the college of their choice on their Vision Board, and by setting goals to get there, they work towards a full scholarship to that college. You will also know what "rewards" to purchase for them when they attain their goals. It may be a laptop computer or tickets to a football game. When they work towards those goals, you will have the opportunity to purchase them, getting exactly what they want, all through this site!

Imagine when you start reaching your goals and dreams, you can actually purchase them through this site. Whether it is an i-pod, a laptop, tickets to a football game, a dream vacation, or a dream home....you can access the perfect one, and purchase it through this site!

The possibilities are limitless.

The Catalog of Dreams has been designed to help you think about your goals, visualize them through pictures, personalize them with goal dates, and turn your dreams into reality when you purchase them.

When you see how easy and fun this is, you will want to incorporate this into your daily life. As you start achieving your goals, you will always be aspiring to be more and do more, and now you have the tool to do just that.

Please enjoy our gift of this free site and feel free to share it with your family and friends. Our vision is that you start dreaming again, and realizing the unlimited potential that is in you.

Dream big and live a life of abundance to share with the world.

Why is this Vision Board better than the old-fashioned Vision Boards?

  • Fun to use
  • No mess with cutting & pasting
  • No missing articles from magazines where you cut out a picture
  • No time spent buying supplies
  • No bent up poster boards with cut-out pictures hanging in your home
  • Unlimited selection to choose from - no taking 2nd best - allows you to Dream BIG using pictures for every dream!
  • Time-savings
  • Dreams added daily
  • Make pictures smaller or larger
  • Type your own words and quotes
  • Take your own pictures and upload
  • Scan pictures into the catalog
  • Creates family activity (imagine a family day where you find and take pictures of everyone's dreams for their board)
  • Design, print and laminate for gift-giving to Grandparent, Teacher, College Student, Friend
  • 3 Free E-books
  • Catalog allows you to purchase from when hit "Shop Now" button
  • Add new dreams daily, weekly, monthly (never stop dreaming!)
  • Change goal dates when necessary
  • Use the Vision Board as a working board to:
    • create a collage of photos from vacations, family, friends, etc.
    • create a Gratitude List to print and read daily
    • create a board of Inspirational Words & Phrases
    • Upload your favorite picture (possibly of you and your family in front of your dream home.) Once uploaded, enlarge the picture to cover your Vision Board, write a goal date, print it, frame it and give to every family member to place in their room. A Dream Goal that the entire family can work toward.
  • Participate in upcoming contests - details coming soon - Win your "Dream"!!!
  • Use this fun tool as a way of life - teach your kids, friends and families the importance of dreaming and visualizing their dreams to create a life of abundance in all areas.
  • Stay tuned for your upcoming "Reality Board" - a place to move your achieved dreams to, freeing up more space on your Vision Board to add new dreams!

How does the Referral Program work and how can I earn money and/or prizes using it?

When you become a member of Catalog of Dreams, you are automatically signed up for our referral program. Upon your subscription, you will receive a special link to the Catalog of Dreams that you can send to your family, friends or team. You will receive 1 point for each month that a person subscribes to the Catalog of Dreams by your referral. You will be able to cash in these points for gift cards or our featured products compliments of the Dream Team!

After you've subscribed, you will find a link at the top of the members page where the catalog is located. This link will allow you to share the site with your family, friends or team. The email produced by this link will include your special link that will give you credit should your family member, friend, or team mate subscribe.

We will announce the prizes available in an upcoming newsletter.

Why should I make my Vision Board my Home Page?

By making your Vision Board your home page, every time you open up your browser, you will see your Vision Board. This will help you to visualize your dreams and goals more often. This will also keep you up to date with any changes or enhancements that have been made at the Catalog of Dreams.

View Mac Instructions

PC Users

If you are using Internet Explorer

  • Login to the Catalog of Dreams.
  • Click on the link at the top left corner of the page, 'Make your Vision Board your Home Page'
  • Make sure all pop-up blockers are turned off
  • Click on the red link at the top of the page, 'Make this page your Home Page'
  • Click 'yes' when the pop-up window asks you if you want to make this your home page
  • Under the “Tools” menu, click “Options”
  • Click the “General” tab on the left
  • If you are already on the catalogofdreams.com/share.php page, click “Use Current Page”, then “OK.” If not, type “www.catalogofdreams.com/share.php?id=email” in the text box, then “OK.”
    NOTE: Make sure that you replace 'email' with your email address

Mac Users

If you are using Firefox

  • Click on “Firefox” in the top left corner and select “Preferences”
  • If you are not already on the “Main” tab, click “Main”
  • Type “www.catalogofdreams.com/share.php?id=email” in the “Home Page” area
    NOTE: make sure that you replace 'email' with your email address
  • Click the “Enter” button on your keyboard then close the “Preferences” window.

If you are using Safari

  • Click on “Safari” in the top left corner and select “Preferences”
  • If you are not already on the “General” tab, click “General”
  • Type “www.catalogofdreams.com/share.php?id=email” in the “Home Page” area
    NOTE: Make sure that you replace email with your email address
  • Click the “Enter” button on your keyboard then close the “Preferences” window.

I have my own product or service to sell.   How can I get it listed in the Catalog of Dreams?   In other words, I would like to advertise on your site or affiliate with Catalog of Dreams - how do I do that?

The Dream Team is always looking for win/win situations to help others. However, we are selective as to the products and services that we feature in our catalog and on our site. If you are interested in becoming a partner/affiliate with Catalog of Dreams to offer your product or service on our site and/or in our catalog, please contact us here. Please include your website address if you have one.

What is your privacy policy?

You can find our privacy policy here.


Why aren't my pictures uploading?

Possible reason #1: Currently, the catalog only supports JPG, GIF or PNG formats for pictures. If your picture is in a different format, such as BMP (has .bmp on the end of the file name), then you will need to convert the picture to one of the supported formats. If you don't know how to do this, you can send us your picture and we will format it for you by clicking here and attaching your picture to the email.

Possible reason #2: If nothing happens when you click on the 'Upload My Pictures' link, please make sure that you have any pop-up blockers turned off.

Why do I have to scroll to see all of my catalog & Vision Board?

Your screen resolution is probably set too low which makes things too large to fit on your screen. You should change to a higher screen resolution so that everything fits on your screen. In Windows you can do this by right-clicking on your desktop and choosing the properties menu item at the bottom. Then choose the settings tab and slide the screen resolution slider towards the word 'More' which gives you a larger screen resolution. In Mac OSX, choose displays under your system preferences and then choose a larger screen resolution under the 'displays' option.

I didn't receive a Welcome email or other emails that I thought I should receive

Your Email Service Provider may be using a spam blocker that filters out some of your email. Many Email spam/junk mail filters will have a 'White list' that allows you to add email addresses from which you WANT to receive email so that the filters do not keep you from getting certain emails. Please make sure that you have support@catalogofdreams.com added to your allowed email address list. Please check with your Internet or Email Service Provider for more details.

I don't have any pictures in my catalog!

The pictures in the Catalog of Dreams are of the best possible quality for printing purposes, so they may occasionally take a while to load. Sometimes pictures may load so slowly that it appears your catalog has no pictures. This can occur for one of the following reasons, but most often occurs when you have two or more of the following:

  • Slow Computer
  • Slow Internet Connection
  • You are accessing the Catalog of Dreams during peak internet traffic times.
To help your catalog pictures load you may need to refresh your browser or close and re-open your browser. If this doesn't help, you may need to wait until a less congested time of the day for the internet in your area. If you continue to have problems with pictures not showing up in your catalog, please contact us here.

My catalog is not showing up or is acting really strange!

Sometimes after we've updated the catalog or the website, your browser may not refresh the cache correctly which will cause the catalog to not function properly. To reset your cache in your browser, please do the folowing:


  • Click on Tools in the Menu of your browser
  • Click on Internet Options at the bottom of the menu that pops up
  • Click on the 'delete files' option
  • Click 'ok' to delete the files
  • Click 'ok' to get out of the internet options
  • Close all browser windows
  • Start your browser and return to the Catalog of Dreams site


  • Click on 'Safari' in the menu
  • Click on 'Empty Cache' in the menu
  • Quit Safari
  • Restart Safari and return to the Catalog of Dreams website

If you continue to have problems with your catalog, please contact us here.

If you still have questions that are unanswered in this FAQ, please contact us here.

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