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People join network marketing companies for many reasons. They want more out of life, they want to be their own boss, they want to make money, they want to help others, they want recognition, they want to dream again.

The key to building a successful business is keeping yourself motivated and inspired. If you are not motivated and inspired, how will you lead your team? How do you stay inspired day in and day out? When you hear no's and have cancellations, it is easy to forget the reason you started this business in the first place. If you don't write down your goals and dates to achieve your dreams, soon days turn into weeks, weeks into months,and months into years. Your dreams never become your reality.

Many people in the network marketing industry believe in the power of visualization to keep you motivated and focused on your goals and dreams. If you have created your Vision Board, you have probably spent hours cutting and pasting pictures found in magazines and catalogs. Even though you knew the importance of being specific when visualizing, it was sometimes impossible to find the exact home, piece of jewelry or words that described your dreams.

You now have the solution to getting what you really want!

Become a member of the Catalog of Dreams! Begin creating a Vision Board specific to what it is you really want. You can start by moving pictures from the Catalog of Dreams onto your Vision Board. As we all know, the internet offers us an unlimited source of possibilities when you google. You will be able to google for whatever it is you want, save and upload it to your "catalog", and with a click it is on your Vision Board. Take your family and/or team out for a fun day and take pictures of things you would like to have. Snap a picture of you in that "dream car", or a picture of your family in front of that "dream home". The more specific you can make it, the more powerful it becomes. Upload those pictures into the "catalog" and onto your board. Add goal dates and words to your board. Size & place your pictures and words. Have fun without the messy cutting and pasting! Print multiple copies of your Vision Board to keep in front of you at all times. Put them on your fridge, your bathroom mirror, in the front of your daytimer, in your car, on your nightstand, in your office. When you want to add to or change your Vision Board, just click on the changes and re-print. It only takes a few minutes and will keep you on track to continue dreaming and setting those goal dates.

Using your Vision Board is a way to keep your goals and goal dates in front of you. It is easy and fun and will keep you motivated and inspired day in and day out, and to help you reach your dreams faster than you even imagined.

Imagine what this will do you for you! Now imagine what it will do for your business when you share this with your team! You will be attracting motivated and insired people into your business. You cannot possibly keep people motivated 24 hours a day, but if you teach your team the importance of their Vision Board and how to start dreaming, they will motivate themselves. Network marketing is about duplication and a system. Start now by incorporating this system with your team and watch your business soar!

Visualization is a powerful tool. Start dreaming and achieving your goals now, and teach others to do the same. Imagine what your life would have looked like if you had been taught this concept from birth. It is not too late. When you have abundance in your life, you have the ability to not only give back to those less fortunate, but the time to teach those less fortunate how to do the same. Start making a difference in your life and those lives around you.

Other ways network marketers will benefit from this website:

  • Have team meetings and build Team Vision Boards
  • Write and date your next promotional level
  • Make fun collages with pictures of your team from meetings, conferences, etc and use as gifts at recognition
  • Write your own Gratitude list, print it and keep it in front of you as a daily reminder
  • Give this website as a gift when someone promotes
  • Give this website as a gift to your new recruits
  • Purchase motivational mugs, journals, t-shirts from our site for yourself and team recognition
  • Purchase motivational books and cd's from our site for you and your team at the best price
  • Purchase computers, big screen tv's, jewelry, furniture, etc. from our site
  • Teach others how to reach their highest potential by visualizing with their Vision Board

*Coming very soon.....the ability to print your Vision Board on tote bags, mousepads, journals, magnets, etc., and take your dreams with you wherever you go!



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