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Thirty Days to Breakthrough - Your Life is Waiting

Are you doing everything you think is possible to keep yourself in a positive mindset?

Are you visualizing what you really want and not what you don't want?

Are you writing your goals down and focusing on them?

Are you writing a gratitude list daily to remind you of everything you should be grateful for?

As hard as you try to maintain a positive, can-do attitude, do you still find yourself worrying about the debt, the family problems, your poor health, etc.? Those little worries that creep into your mind throughout the day can be damaging to all of the good you are trying to do. How can you stop them from ruining your life?

What if you had a simple system to help you breakthrough and rid yourself of those negative thoughts that can take over your life?

Everything you just read described me, until I read this incredible book "Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting" by Lynn Grabhorn. At the beginning of the book, I thought this was yet another book telling you to think and act positive, etc, etc., etc. I stayed with it and about half way through the book, it started grabbing my attention. However, Lynn saved the best for last, and gave some breakthrough ideas that are already changing my life. I would like to share them with you in the hopes they do the same for you.

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The Two Introductory Steps of Deliberate Creating:

  1. Remove your focus from any major thing that is currently causing serious fear (worry, concern, anxiety, stress, etc.), and KEEP IT OFF!
  2. Establish a flip-switch topic for each day by finding one new item about yourself to appreciate.

Once I had these steps, I took action. I wrote out my top 3 things causing stress and worry in my life at the present time. Then I took a sheet of paper, numbered it from 1-30, and listed 30 things that I appreciate about myself. What is it to appreciate? How about your hair, or your nails, or your singing voice, or leadership capabilities, or your eyesight. There are plenty of things that each of us can and should appreciate about ourselves. That was a feel-good exercise in itself.

Now that I had my action steps written, I took action immediately.

Day 1 - Everytime one of my worries would creep into my head (you will be surprised how much time and energy is spent on this without you even realizing it), I would focus on the #1 thing that I appreciated about myself. Throughout the day, my focus was on that one thing. Even when I was not thinking or worrying about things, I would focus on that one thing I was appreciating.

Day 2 - Everytime I worried, I focused on the #2 thing on my list.

Day 3 - Repeat of Day 1 & 2, and I focused on the #3 thing on my list.

A couple of rules:

Write your list of appreciatives, and stick to it. Don't change even if you are having a tough day and all you are appreciating that day is your great hair. Stick with it for the 24 hours.

When you wake up each morning, have what you are going to appreciate for that day in front of you. Start your day by being appreciative of it right then. When you go to bed, end your day by being appreciative for that one thing.

When you are not worrying, continue to focus periodically on that thing you are appreciating that day. That will put you into a high vibrational focus faster than you can imagine.

Make it fun, put a smile on your face, say what you appreciate out loud. Realize that the more times you say what you appreciate, the less time and room you have for those worries to creep in.

After practicing this for less than a week, I am amazed at how much better I already feel. The things that I appreciate about myself are clear in my head, and I am more appreciative than ever for me. I am realizing that even though I always claimed to be a positive "Pollyanna" person, I was spending more time than I thought possible worrying about things. Those days are over! I can't wait to see the new me after these 30 days; however, I know this is just the beginning of a great habit. My plan is to make this my life habit and teach others to do the same.

I encourage you to read "Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting" for yourself. It is a well-written book with a simple system to allow you to feel good and attract the good things that you deserve into your life.

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Jane Strassel
Founder of CatalogofDreams.com


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